These are some common questions that we have received from potential retirees to Malaysia, and we believe it could answer a majority of the questions that you may have. You are encouraged to contact us if you have other questions that may not be answered in this FAQ, and we will be happy to answer them for you.

Q : What is Malaysia My Second Home program?

A : The Malaysia government welcomes all foreign citizens with no age limit to stay in Malaysia beyond the time limit restricted by the business or travel visa. You are allowed to bring along your dependants and also hire one maid, on a long-term basis.

Q : Which countries are eligible to participate in Malaysia My Second Home program?

A : All foreign nationals from any country are eligible to participate.

Q : Can successful applicants be allowed to seek employment in Malaysia?

A : Under the Malaysia My Second Home program, you are not allowed to seek any form of employment except those investment approved by the government. If you are above 50 years old, you are allowed to work not more than 20 hours a week subject to approval. You may however, setup your own company and run a business.

Q : Do I need a sponsor?

A : The program requires a local sponsor. Comfort Life Corporation (MM2H) Sdn. Bhd. has being appointed as an authorized sponsor for the Malaysia My Second Home program to assist you and sponsor your application.  Our sponsorship is unlimited, as long as you are participating in the program.

Q : What would the status of my Visit Pass and Visa be?

A : Successful applicant will be issued with a Social Visit Pass for TEN (10) years and a Multiple Entry Visa for an indefinite period as long as the holders do not violate the rules and regulations of The Immigration Department of Malaysia.

Q : Do I need to be in Malaysia when applying for a renewal?

A : Applicants must be in Malaysia for their passport to be endorsed. However, Comfort Life Corporation (MM2H) Sdn. Bhd. can do all submission for applicants for a nominal fee.

Q : How long are my children permitted to stay in Malaysia once approved under this program?

A : All children are permitted to stay in Malaysia until 18 years old. Upon renewal they must apply as an individual adult under their parents but may omit from providing proof of monthly income.

Q : What are the charges and fees that I have to pay?

A : You will only need to pay for a one-time service fee. Comfort Life Corporation (MM2H) Sdn. Bhd. has package a one-stop center where the service fee is inclusive of personal bond and all stamp duties pertaining to the application.

Q : Can existing assets in Malaysia be used for application?

A : Existing properties, shares, and other assets are not recognized by the Malaysia Government for this program. You must fulfill the fixed deposit requirement unless you are qualified to apply using your monthly income.

Q : What is the minimum requirement to stay or visit Malaysia per year?

A : There is no minimum requirement for you to stay or visit Malaysia per year. You may come and go as you pleased. However, you must come to Malaysia when your application has been approved for endorsement.

Q : I would like to import my own car to Malaysia and invest in some properties. How do I go about it and what are the regulations?

A :We will assist you in bringing your existing car, which must not be more than five (5) years old. You are exempted from paying excise and import duties, however we have the right to charge you a nominal fee for such assistance. We will also assist you in your search for the right property to invest.

Q : How do I select which insurance policy to purchase and what type of medical check-up to perform?

A : We will arrange for you an appropriate medical insurance and medical check-up to perform. However you will have to bear all expenses and premium incurred.

Q : Is the Visa on an annual renewal? If yes, what is the procedure and cost per application?

A : The Visa can either be on an annual or ten (10) years renewal. We will assist you in renewing your Visa at a nominal fee.

Q : Are our income generated from Oversea or outside Malaysia subjected to Malaysia Income Tax:?

A : No, all income generate outside of Malaysia is free from Malaysia Tax.

Q : What's the maximum age for children to apply under the family application?

A : All children must be less than 18 years old.

Q : Can we include our children who are disabled?

A : Yes, you may.

Q : Do we get ten (10) years Social Visit Pass once approved?

A : You will be given ten (10) years Social Visit Pass if your passport is still valid for at least ten (10) years. If your passport expire in three (3) years, you will be given three (3) years Social Visit Pass.



Malaysia, situated in the heart of Asia, has one of the highest standards of living, yet maintains cheap cost of living. As an example, a burger from a well-known fast food restaurant in the UK costs around £5.00, which translates to about RM35.00 (conversion rate £1.00=RM7.00), where the same burger in Malaysia would cost you only RM7.00! It is even cheaper if you try local Malaysian cuisine. 
 The list below gives some more indications on the living expenses in Malaysia.

Expenses Cost (RM) Cost  (USD)* 
Meal for a day RM20.00 USD5.20
A 2-bedroom apartment RM100,000 USD26,300
A bungalow with a 6000sqft land RM500,000 USD131,578
A desktop computer RM1,000 USD263
A visit to the doctor for flu (with medication) RM30   USD7.90

  * Based on conversion rate of RM3.8=USD1.00

Malaysia also has world-class highways that connect all the States in Peninsula Malaysia, modern urban transportation systems that make traveling to the city a breeze, and has among the best medical facilities in Asia. Here are a few other reasons why Malaysia is the best place to retire:

  • blessed with warm moderate weather all year round.
  • superb healthcare facilities and highly-skilled medical practitioners. Yet medical expenses and insurance can be very cheap and affordable compare to other countries. 
  • great education system. It also has many international schools to cater for expats children, and numerous colleges with affiliation with well-known overseas universities.  
  • big shopping centers that have international brand names as their tenants, as well as street malls that carry cheap local products.
  • for golf enthusiasts, Malaysia has many championship-level golf courses, and very competitive golf membership rates.
  • a majority of the people understand and speak English.
  • due to its location at the center of South East Asia, air traveling to neighboring countries only takes a short time. 
  • lots of interesting places to visit, mountains to climb, caves to explore
  • a large variety of food, cooked in a lot of different styles that have been influenced by the various cultures that exist in the country (Malay's satay, Indian fish curry, Chinese's Dim Sum, Tomyam from Thailand, etc). In fact, most types of food in the region are available in Malaysia, and they are cheap too!
  • low crime rate, and highly efficient Royal Malaysian Police
  • cheap insurance rate as the people are not as litigious as in the West
  • very friendly people, 
  • and the list goes on and on...
  • Many people are here for its golf courses, property investment, shopping centers, and food. Here, your money goes a long, long way!  In fact, people from Singapore came in droves to Malaysia to do their weekly groceries shopping. And many people who have made the smart choice of retiring in Malaysia can afford full-time housekeepers, gardeners, and cooks!


Still not convinced that you will enjoy staying in Malaysia? We at Comfort Life Corporation can make a special arrangement for you to get on a tour package that can most suit your needs to have a taste of Malaysia, for a period of two weeks, one month, two months or three months. 

 This will give you the feel and familiarity of staying in Malaysia, prior to making the long term commitment.  This way, you can sample all the things that we mentioned above before you decide if this is the life you want. Feel free to contact us if you decide to participate in this special tour package.