We, at Comfort Life Corporation, are proud to be appointed by The Immigration Department of Malaysia to be an official sponsor for The Malaysia My Second Home Program. Thus, our vision is to assist your staying in Malaysia as comfortable and affordable as possible. Your application will be professionally handled by us with our one-stop solution for all the requirements, procedure, follow-ups, forms, personal bond, fees, stamp duties, medical insurance, and numerous visiting.

Further, we have affiliated with a few companies to meet your needs in Malaysia.

We assist you in locating the best property most suited to your needs;

Finding the best vehicle available locally; 

Obtaining a permanent maid or providing maid services to assist in your daily chores;

Providing friendly tips and advise to maximize your comfort living in Malaysia. 

We have developed a simple plan as a guide for the program, which is targeted to help you make your decision whether Malaysia provides the right environment for you, the acclimatization process, and all the necessities required to ensure that you have a long and pleasant retirement in the country.

Package Tour - this tour should help you see whether Malaysia meets all your expectation.

Registration Stage - once you have made your decision to make Malaysia as the place for you to retire, we will handle all the registration process for you.

Preparation Stage - the purchase of properties and vehicle, acquisition of house maid will be done by our team, once you have made your selection. You will still be the one making all the decisions, and we will execute them for you.

Moving Stage - all the planning for your move to Malaysia will be organised by our team. We will coordinate the move of personal belongings to Malaysia, registration of your children to the school of your choice.

Retirement stage - this is the time for you to enjoy living in Malaysia. We will handle the renewal of your visa once it nears the expiration date.

You can contact us as follows or fill in your details for free consultation ::

Contact person : Alan Cheong

Address :
7-2 Jalan Temenggung 5/9
Bandar Mahkota Cheras
43200 Cheras, Selangor

Email : alan@stayinmalaysia.info

Telephone : 6012-320 9972

Fax : 603- 9010 3602

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